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EduCare for Education: Colleges & Universities

EduCare works with over 20,000 education settings, both in the UK and internationally, providing high-quality e-learning courses written and endorsed by experts.

EduCare for Education® is our all-inclusive training course package that will meet all of your duty of care and compliance training needs.

This package comprises five essential online safeguarding and duty of care courses, created specifically for the Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) sectors.

Each course within the package is designed to impart essential information and motivate staff to take action if they suspect something is wrong – whatever their role or responsibility.

Benefits of training with EduCare:

    • Compliant – quality content will ensure you fulfil your legal duty of care in the key areas both Ofsted and the law require
    • Stress free – courses are automatically updated when legislation changes
    • Informative - detailed reports show who has completed essential training
    • Verified - our training courses are certified for CPD
    • Downloadable certificates – essential to evidence learning to inspectors
    • Unlimited access – all new starters, support staff, volunteers, governors and parents can access training throughout the year. Unlimited really means unlimited
    • Online courses – accessed anytime, anywhere – 24/7
    • Dedicated UK based customer services team – available to answer queries from all learners

We have developed different versions of EduCare for Education® for specific phases of education.

Click here to find out more about EduCare for Education: General - for both Primary and Secondary

Click here to find out more about EduCare for Education: Secondary

Training Courses

The following courses are all included within this package.

Health and Safety in Education

Health & Safety in Education (Colleges and Universities) will give all staff working in a further or higher education setting a basic yet comprehensive knowledge of health and safety.

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The Prevent Duty

This course is accredited by Secured by Design and meets national Police approved standards. The primary aim of this course is to build your awareness and knowledge of what extremism and radicalisation are, how people may be drawn into terrorism and what you should do if you have a concern about a child or young person.

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Safeguarding Young People

Safeguarding Young People (Colleges and Universities), endorsed by established youth organisations, provides the key information needed to help raise your awareness of young people who may be vulnerable because of their age, relative inexperience, past abusive experiences or current circumstances.

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Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity is a concise course that explains the fundamentals of equality and diversity and how they affect you.

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Child Protection in Education

Child Protection in Education, endorsed by Kidscape and Family Lives is designed for those who work with children and young people in an education setting.

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How Do I Buy?

The cost of our EduCare for Education (Colleges and Universities) licence is dependent on the size of your college or university and how many users will be accessing the licence.
Contact us to discuss your training needs and access your no obligation quote. You can also request a quick online demonstration or register for a free trial.

Step 1

Pay a one-off annual fee dependent on the size of your college or university and the
number of learners. Contact the sales team here for more information.

Step 2

Get access to
5 essential online
safeguarding and
duty of care

Step 3

Ensure everyone is up-to-date
on key duty of care issues,
download their certificates, and
attain your CPD hours.

What Our Customers Say

Circles of Excellence

We work with a wide range of subject experts, who play a key role in contributing to, review, and endorsing our training. This ensures our courses are always accurate, up-to-date and of the highest quality. We also work with many of our key customers to ensure our training continually meets the needs of their sector.

ACE Education
ACE Education
Bullying UK
Bullying UK
Family Lives
Family Lives
National Governors' Association
National Governors' Association

Delivering Quality

EduCare have always been forward thinking. And that’s exactly what our design is now. Everything you see and hear is meticulously considered to be at the service of the learner.

and audio

and imagery


across devices


Up-to-date Compliance

Ensures staff are always up-to-date on key duty of care issues helping you maintain a safer, more compliant community service.


Verified for CPD

All 17 courses provide a learner with 62 CPD hours.

Learner Progress Monitoring 

Monitor learner progress with powerful management reports.

Full Coverage

Cascades good practice to all staff who may be in different locations with varying work patterns by providing clear, consistent learning.


Personalised, downloadable certificates upon successful completion of a course.

24-7 Access

Delivered online and can be access by anyone with internet access - at home or work 24-7.


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