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EduCare for Sport®

With an increased focus on welfare, protecting all levels of participants in sport and active leisure is a key agenda item for many organisations.

EduCare for Sport® contains a range of sport-focused safeguarding and duty of care training courses that are designed to help all staff and volunteers stay up-to-date on key welfare issues, and maintain a safer and more compliant community service. It also includes reporting management tools to track progress and evidence learning.

Sold as an annual licence, EduCare for Sport® is an easy-to-use, cost-effective way of instilling knowledge and confidence and help Keep Sport Safe.

Tailored for your sport or leisure requirements

We have developed different versions of EduCare for Sport® for different users. 'Clubs and Leisure' is specifically for clubs and coaching staff and 'Volunteers' contains a smaller number of courses for those who are working as volunteers in sport.
Both versions contain training courses that are relevant for working with all levels of athletes and participants, and both contain content, imagery and resources for working with children and young people in a sport and leisure environment.

What is EduCare for Sport?

This simple video should help to explain the online learning service.

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