Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions below offer solutions and practical advice for some of our most common queries.

If you are still unable to find a solution, please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Services Team between 8.30 and 17.00 Monday to Friday. We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.

Course content

Where can I find more detail about the content of a specific course?

Each of the courses listed in course library has an information sheet that you can download. If you would like to arrange a free trial please complete our enquiry form.

I have a question about the content of courses

Our courses have been written in conjunction with our Expert Partners and are regularly updated. If you have a question about the content of one of our courses please get in touch.

What qualification do I receive for completing courses?

Each module of an EduCare course provides the learner with one hour of CPD. To find out more about CPD, please visit The CPD Certification Service’s website

How long does it take to complete an EduCare course?

Each module is equivalent to one hour of CPD. So a one-module course will take up to one hour, and a four-module course will take up to four hours. Where there is a proficiency test as part of the course, this equates to an additional hour of CPD.

Who writes EduCare courses?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our courses. We work with a wide range of subject experts who play a key role in contributing to, reviewing and endorsing our training. This ensures our courses are always accurate, up-to-date and of the highest quality.

Can I print copies of the module content or the questions and answers?

Every module of our courses will have a ‘Module – PDF’ saved as Resource which you will be able to print. Copies of questions and answers are not available to save or print. If you would like to identify questions were answered incorrectly, please contact our customer services team.

How to buy

How do I buy EduCare online training courses?

Our full range of courses are available to purchase through our online shop for up to 10 users. If you need to buy for more than 10 users, please contact our team for a tailored pricing package. Multi-user discounts are available.

If you require a more comprehensive range of content with a full reporting suite, it may be more cost effective to purchase one of our training course packages, or even have a package of courses created just for you. Contact us to find the best solution for your needs and budget.

Can I tailor course content for my organisation?

We can either tailor our existing content to reflect your organisation's corporate guidelines or create bespoke content just for you.

I am not sure what training I need

Our Duty of Care training courses can be used for inductions and to evidence essential learning to inspection bodies. Depending on your organisation's policies and procedures, you may need to ensure that members of staff have accessed and completed specific training. Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Accessing your e-learning

Where do I access my courses?

All our courses are accessed online via our learning platform which you will need to log in to access.

How do I log in to take my courses?

Our content is accessed through our online learning platform, Tes Develop. You can access the learning platform through the log in page on our website. Once you are logged in, you can select the courses from all those available to you and begin studying.

I haven't received my login details yet

We recommend you check your Junk/Spam email boxes or contact your IT technical department for assistance as some email systems may block our emails.

If your email provider uses a 'focussed' filter to show priority emails, we recommend you check both high and low priority inboxes.

If you didn’t open your account yourself, the organisation who did may have requested that your user details be sent to a different email address – please check with your training administrator for further information.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password or username, go to our log in page and follow the instructions there.

What are the technical specification to access EduCare’s courses?

Our courses are all accessed online and our content is supported across a wide range of browsers. View more information on our technical specifications.

What do I do if the course I have purchased is not available?

Once you are logged in to the learning platform, all your available courses are listed under the 'My learning' section. If you didn’t receive a confirmation email after purchase, we recommend that you check your junk email folder. If you did receive an email, but your course isn’t listed under the My Courses section, please contact our Customer Services team or call 01926 436 219.

What do I do if a module or course will not load?

If your courses are taking a long time to load or not loading at all, this may be because of your computer or internet. Please make sure you have a strong internet connection and that no firewalls are blocking the learning platform. It is also recommended that you try clearing your internet browsing data. You can check your device and server against our technical specification.

You may also need to allow pop-ups from our learning platform in your browser, as the module will open in a new window, this document will show you how.

If you are on a strong connection, your systems meets the relevant requirements, and are still experiencing issues, please get in touch and provide as much information as possible so we can support you.

How do I allow pop-ups?

You may need to allow pop-ups in your browser as learning modules open in a new window. How to do this depends on the web browser you are using, but generally you will need to access settings, then privacy and security. You can find out how to update the pop-up settings for your browser here.

Managing your account

How do I access my certificate?

A certificate will be made available to you once you have completed all of the reading modules and passed all of the questionnaires. The certificate can be found under each relevant course.

How do I update my details?

To change your details please contact our Customer Service team or call 01926 436 219.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password within your profile page in the learning platform.

What do I do if I fail a questionnaire?

You are given 5 separate attempts to pass each questionnaire. If you do not achieve the required pass mark within 5 attempts, please contact our Customer Services team to arrange a resit.

How do I refresh my training?

All learning content can be viewed as many times as you like within the year. Your licence is valid and the questionnaires can be taken five times with the highest score being kept on your user record. If you would like to reset questionnaires to take them again, please contact our customer services team.

What are badges and how can I use them?

When you complete an EduCare training course you can download and print a certificate for your records. You can also earn a badge which you can download to share your achievements online. All your earned badges can be found in the My Badges section of your learning platform.

Who is my Training Administrator?

We work with one or two nominated individuals to set up and manage a team of learners within an organisation. They have access to more detailed reporting functions and can determine which courses should be taken by which learners. All queries should be directed to them in the first instance and they will then liaise with our Customer Service team to resolve any issues. 

What do I do if a member of my team can’t see the training assigned to them?

Contact our Customer Services team via email or call on 01926 436 219 if you need to change a user's record to allow access to a different set of courses. If the courses have recently been updated you may have to logout and log back in again to see the changes.

How do I add, remove or edit learner details?

To add or edit learner details please refer to the administration page of your account.

Visit 'My Team' in the Learning Platform → Select 'Administration' → Click 'Add/Edit Learners'

  • To add a learner click ‘Add’ in the top left-hand corner and enter the details. (Please note - when adding a new learner's email address and username, please use lower case only.)
  • To edit a learner’s account, find the learner's detail in the list, click the tick box next to the learner's name and select ‘Edit' in the top left corner.

From the edit page, you are also able to grant administration rights or suspend an account.

When adding a new learner, if you see the error ‘An error occurred. Check if the id number or username already exists’  please provide a unique username e.g. 'firstname.lastname1' all lower case and this will send the welcome email to the new learner.

Contact the Customer Services team if you require assistance on 01926 436 219 between 8.30 and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

I want to refresh my team’s training. How do I reset their course completion data?

Unless you have requested otherwise, all course data will be automatically reset at your licence renewal date (every 12 months). Completion history will remain on learner records after the renewal. If you do not have an automatic reset in place, but choose to reset data at a later date, all completion history will be lost. If you need to do an unscheduled reset, please contact the Customer Services team or call 01926 436 219.

How do I change someone’s name in the system or on a certificate?

To change a name (i.e. if someone has got married), you will need to update their record on your User Record and resubmit to our Customer Services team via email. It is important that you do not create a new record, or overwrite a record with a new user as data may be lost.


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