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EduCare for Health: Health & Social Care

Over 1,000 people complete an EduCare training course every day, both in the UK and internationally. 

With up-to-date content written and reviewed by HSC professionals, EduCare for Health & Social Care is our training course package that maps to both the Care Certificate* and the UK Core Skills Training Framework for health (CSTF).

This package will ensure your staff are always up-to-date with key duty of care issues and help you maintain a safer and more compliant workplace.

Each course within the package is designed to impart essential information and motivate staff to take action if they suspect something is wrong – whatever their role or responsibility.

Benefits of training with EduCare:

    • Peace of mind that training will be regularly updated as standards are introduced or modified
    • Consistent, high quality essential training for all staff
    • Cost effective – no groups size to worry about, no travel cost, no downtime
    • Evidence of learning through free downloadable, personalised certificates
    • Powerful management reports so you know exactly who has completed the training
    • Easy-to-understand, bite-sized learning, communicating essential key points
    • Training courses that are verified for CPD

*Please note: The learning courses provide the underpinning knowledge of each subject, but individual 'on-the-job' competence needs to be observed.

Training Courses

The following courses are all included within this package.

Person-Centred Care Approaches

This course is designed to show health and social care staff how to work effectively in a person-centred way.

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Duty of Care, Privacy and Dignity

This course provides a thorough understanding of duty of care, privacy and dignity and is suitable for anyone working in a health or social care environment.

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Communication Skills & Handling Information

This course provides a thorough understanding of communication skills and handling information, helping workers in the health and social care sector to develop positive relationships with those using the services and their families.

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Safeguarding Children

This course has been developed for anyone in a health or social care setting whose work requires them to come into contact with children and young people.

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Safeguarding Adults

This course has been developed for anyone working in a health or social care setting who is responsible for making sure care and support are delivered in ways that are safe.

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Mental Health, Dementia & Learning Disabilities

This course is essential learning for health and social care staff who support people with mental health conditions, dementia or learning disabilities.

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Information Governance & Data Protection

This course is vital for anyone who works in the health or social care who works with or can access personal, confidential and sensitive information.

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Infection Prevention & Control

This course will help to ensure that anyone who provides direct care to individuals in the health and social care sector understands the use of standard infection prevention and control measures.

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Food Hygiene Essentials

This course provides awareness and understanding of the importance of preparing food that is safe to eat, good hygiene practices and dealing with special dietary requirements.

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Fluids & Nutrition

This course has been developed for anyone who has a responsibility for ensuring sufficient levels of hydration and nutrition as part of their work role in a health or social care setting.

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First Aid Essentials

This course has been developed for anyone who works in a health or social care setting to give them the confidence to provide emergency assistance.

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Equality and Diversity

This course provides a thorough understanding of equality and diversity, helping to introduce new recruits to the subject or act as a refresher for current employees.

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An Introduction to Effective Teamwork

This course explores the different types of team and the stages of team development, as well as the roles individuals may take within a team.

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Health & Safety

This course has been developed for anyone working in a health or social care setting who is responsible for the health, safety and security of individuals.

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Child Neglect

Child Neglect is written to raise your awareness of neglect and to help you to understand the factors that may contribute to it.

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Value for Money

Our EduCare for Health® licence is priced on the number of learners and offers you the best quality service and the best value for money.



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Circle of Excellence

We work with a wide range of subject experts, who play a key role in contributing to, review, and endorsing our training. This ensures our courses are always accurate, up-to-date and of the highest quality. We also work with many of our key customers to ensure our training continually meets the needs of their sector.

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Delivering Quality

EduCare have always been forward thinking. And that's exactly what the design of our training courses is now. Everything you see and hear is meticulously considered to be at the service of the learner.

and audio

and imagery


across devices


Up-to-date Compliance

Ensures staff are always up-to-date on key duty of care issues helping you maintain a safer, more compliant community service.


Verified for CPD

The courses across the two licences provide the learner with 36 CPD hours for Dental and 46 CPD hours for Health & Care.

Learner Progress Monitoring 

Monitor learner progress with powerful management reports.

Full Coverage

Cascades good practice to all staff who may be in different locations with varying work patterns by providing clear, consistent learning.


Personalised, downloadable certificates upon successful completion of a course.

24-7 Access

Delivered online and can be access by anyone with internet access - at home or work 24-7.

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