New Mental Health Awareness courses – now available

New Mental Health Awareness courses – now available

Following on from the launch of our package of courses on Anaphylaxis, Epilepsy, Asthma and Diabetes in partnership with SAPHNA, EduCare is delighted to announce the launch of three new Mental Health courses on Self-Harm, Depression and Anxiety.

Each course covers essential information to understand more about these illnesses and how to support children and young people who are experiencing problems.

Why do schools need Mental Health training?

The Department for Education (DfE) recently conducted a project to understand how policies that schools publish support their mental health provision.

Supporting schools to have a clear offer to promote pupils’ mental health and wellbeing, and to protect them from bullying, are therefore priorities for the Department for Education (DfE).

The report gives an indication that school's statutory duties may alter to include better Mental Health Awareness in the future. The need for Mental Health training is covered in the resulting report:

“To further enable schools’ awareness of mental health, and to fully underpin how schools’ policies can promote the mental health and wellbeing of pupils, it might be helpful if there was a shift in the discourse of guidance and training from behaviour and behaviour management, to a focus on mental health, wellbeing and building emotional resilience.”

The report also states:

“further advice, training and resources might be necessary to enable schools to more comprehensively understand the links between mental health and behaviour, and to enable schools to address these needs more holistically.”

High-quality training from EduCare

EduCare works with a trusted network of experts to create content for our library of online training courses. We collect, distil and distribute that essential expert knowledge, providing simple, relevant and memorable content to empower people with the confidence to act.

For this new collection of Mental Health Awareness courses we have worked in partnership with The School and Public Health Nurses Association (SAPHNA), to create content that can be used for people who work with children and young people.

Speaking about the courses, Sharon White, CEO of SAPHNA commented:

“Understanding the signs and symptoms of Mental Health is as important as our physical health. It is vital that anyone who works or interacts with children and young people is armed with the knowledge to reach out and help. Working with EduCare to develop these courses allows us to share our knowledge with their customers in an easy-to-use, engaging way.”

Online Mental Health Awareness training courses

The new courses on Self-Harm, Anxiety and Depression are available to buy individually online for £10.50 each or can be combined and bought together for £30.

For customers who use EduCare for Education, the courses can be bought as an addition to that service.

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