Ofsted forced marriage and honour-based abuse webinar

Ofsted forced marriage and honour-based abuse webinar

Jasvinder Sanghera CBE, founder of Karma Nirvana, is presenting a free webinar hosted by Ofsted on Monday 26th November at 4.30pm.

The webinar will cover:

  • the dangers of honour-based abuse and forced marriage
  • who is affected, and the scale of the problem in the UK today
  • recognising the warning signs
  • creating a culture of safeguarding and a safe space for young people
  • what to do if you are worried about a young person who may be at risk

The session is specifically designed for teachers, school staff, local authority staff, safeguarding leads and senior leaders in schools.

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Honour-based abuse and forced marriage training course

Our online training course, Raising Awareness of Honour-Based Abuse and Forced Marriage, was written in partnership with Karma Nirvana and has been welcomed by Children's Minister Nadhim Zawahi and is supported by Commander Ivan Balhatchet, National Police Chief's Council Lead for Honour-Based Abuse, Forced Marriage and FGM.

The course is available to buy online or is included in EduCare for Education® and EduCare for Health®, our comprehensive safeguarding and duty of care training packages.

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Raising Awareness of Honour-Based Abuse and Forced Marriage

Whilst growing up, a child may be taught that a set of behaviours are deemed to be honourable. If they display any dishonourable behaviours they may be abused by their family or members of their community as punishment. This course was written in partnership with Karma Nirvana, a national award-winning charity that supports both men and women affected by forced marriage and/or honour-based abuse.

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Raising Awareness of Honour-Based Abuse and Forced Marriage

The purpose of this course is to help you:

  • understand what honour-based abuse is
  • understand the difference between a forced marriage and arranged marriage
  • understand the prevalence of this type of abuse
  • understand which communities are affected
  • recognise what laws exist to protect people
  • be aware of early signs that might indicate abuse
  • know what action to take if you know or suspect that a young person is at risk
  • understand the motives and consequences of forced marriage
  • know what support is available.

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