What are Ofsted looking for in a safeguarding policy?

What are Ofsted looking for in a safeguarding policy?

In the latest video in our EduCare Voices series on YouTube, the CEO of an Academy Trust, a Headteacher, and a Safeguarding Training Consultant are among the experts discussing how to create effective and meaningful safeguarding policies.

The video covers advice on:

  • Making sure your policies reflect the latest statutory guidance - such as Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2018
  • Keeping policies brief and easy to read
  • Ensuring a safeguarding policy is unique to the school it is written for
  • Ensuring safeguarding policy links to your other policies
  • Why you should revisit and regularly check the content of your safeguarding policy
  • Make children and parents aware of the document and what it means
  • Looking beyond physical safety and focus on a policy that will create a safe environment where children can thrive.

Denise Newsome of Learning Without Limits Academy Trust summarises it well: “Ofsted are looking for a thread of safeguarding that runs through the school. What they are not looking for is a tick box.”

Our portfolio of safeguarding and duty of care online training courses include guidance on creating effective policies.

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