Equals Trust - Multi-Academy Trust Case Study

How EduCare’s training and reporting services have given Equals Trust both flexibility and control… And helped them to make BIG savings.

“By working with EduCare to combine our individual schools under one licence, our trust has been able to make considerable savings."

“As EduCare’s service is delivered online and is available to all staff 24/7 we have made further savings by not having to cover staff whilst they attend training, or train staff who missed face-to-face training or who are new starters."

“Our staff have all been delighted with the breadth and quality of EduCare’s training and have taken courses in GDPR, Food Hygiene, First Aid and Peer-on-Peer Abuse to name just a few, as well as their regular mandatory training on Child Protection, FGM and Prevent.”

Oliver Phillips, Trust Finance Manager.