New Serious Youth Violence course in partnership with The Children’s Society

New Serious Youth Violence course in partnership with The Children’s Society

According to the recent Office for National Statistics crime survey, there were 4,500 knife and offensive weapon crimes committed by children aged between 10 and 17 years. This accounted for 21% of the total number of knife and offensive weapon crimes in England and Wales.

The government has created a Serious Violence Strategy and this identifies offences such as homicides and knife and gun crime as key factors of serious youth violence which account for around one percent of all recorded crime.

To help raise awareness and provide essential knowledge about this key safeguarding issue, EduCare has worked with The Children’s Society to create a new online, level 2, CPD certified course that covers:

  • what is meant by the term serious youth violence
  • the different types of exploitation that could contribute to serious youth violence
  • the main signs and indicators
  • the language that is used by young people and professionals
  • where to go for further support.

The new course follows on from our recent Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking course which was also written in partnership with The Children’s Society.

Serious Youth Violence online training course

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County Lines and Contextual Safeguarding

The new course is made up of 2 modules, worth one CPD point each, and takes a deeper look at Serious Youth Violence and how we can help support children and young people.

It covers County Lines and Contextual Safeguarding which were new topics that were introduced in Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 and are issues that are related to the rise in serious youth violence.

Criminal Exploitation – the importance of language

The Children’s Society work with many children who are groomed and exploited by organised gangs to commit crimes. They advise that even if the activity appears to be consensual, no child can consent to their own exploitation.

As such, a section has been included on the importance of language. It includes terms that should not be used as they imply that the child has responsibility or has consented.

It also includes language that young people use to describe criminal activity which professionals need to know to understand any potential risk.

The Children’s Society and EduCare

EduCare is on a mission to empower people with the right knowledge and confidence to act. When tackling serious issues like Criminal Exploitation and County Lines, The Children’s Society’s knowledge and resources is fundamental to the creation of a truste, high-quality online training course.

Speaking about the new course, Natasha Chopra, Service Manager at The Children’s Society commented:

“Tackling serious violence is not a law enforcement issue alone; it requires a multiple-strand approach involving a range of partners across different sectors."

“By working with EduCare to develop this new course, which will be distributed to their broad customer base, we can provide knowledge to thousands of professionals quickly and easily. This is vital to help support the work of The Children’s Society and other agencies.”

Dawn Jotham, EduCare’s Pastoral Care Expert continued:

“EduCare believes that everyone has the right to feel safe. We work with experts like The Chidlren’s Society to collect the most up-to-date, accurate and leading thinking about key issues which we then turn in to engaging, memorable and relevant content.

“This course has been added to the accounts of all of our service level customers who work in the education sector which means that straight away they can start to protect the most vulnerable people in their care. We are very proud of this course as our customers can now learn about new challenges that our children are facing and how to report concerns.

"Whilst the course was developed in response to our customers’ increasing concerns about knife crime, it is important to make the connection to why this is happening. Working with The Children’s Society who are experts in helping young people survive criminal exploitation, to teach people who work with children more about key safeguarding issues is vital in today’s society.”

Serious Youth Violence online training course

Our new online Serious Youth Violence course has been added to our online learning service for the education sector and all our existing customers are able to access the new content at no extra charge.

It can also be bought online for £18.50 with discounts available for more than ten purchases.

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