New Safeguarding Adults in Sport online training course

New Safeguarding Adults in Sport online training course

Encouraging people of any age to participate in sport or physical activity has countless benefits, ranging from improved physical and mental health to promoting friendships and building confidence. It can help a person feel less isolated and promote a sense of belonging.  

Voluntary organisations and both public and private sector providers play an important role in delivering these services and for the majority, this is an extremely positive experience. 

When it comes to working with adults at risk, anybody involved in organising, delivering or supervising sports activities has a responsibility for safeguarding. They should also know how to respond to any safeguarding concerns and understand how to report them.  

Our new Safeguarding Adults in Sport online training course will help clubs, and all providers of sporting and leisure activities who work with adults at risk, to understanding what safeguarding is so that they can ensure there are protocols in place that will help embed an ethos where safeguarding becomes everyone’s responsibility. 

Who are 'adults at risk'?

There are some adults that are more likely to be victims of abuse than others.  

An adult at risk is any person who is aged 18 years or over and at risk of abuse or neglect because of their needs for care and/or support, regardless of whether they are receiving them.  

Adults at risk may: 

  • have a learning disability 
  • have a physical disability 
  • have a sensory impairment  
  • have a long-term illness or condition
  • be unable to demonstrate the capacity to make decisions 
  • be frail due to physical disability, age, ill health or cognitive impairment.  

This is not an exhaustive list and, remember, a participant may or may not identify themselves to be an adult ‘at risk’.    

A person’s ability and disability will change over time, and some adults may become additionally vulnerable to abuse; for example, those who have a dependency on others or have different communication needs.  

Safeguarding Adults in Sport online training course 

Our new course has been endorsed by UK Athletics and will: 

  • help you understand what safeguarding is 
  • help you to recognise indicators of safeguarding concerns 
  • show you what action to take if you have concerns about an adult 
  • promote good practice in your setting. 

This course is relevant for coaches, instructors, volunteers, welfare officers and club support staff who work with adults in a sport setting. 

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