New Digital Resilience course in partnership with YoungMinds

New Digital Resilience course in partnership with YoungMinds

We have launched a new course to show how to support young people with their online use written in partnership with YoungMinds.

YoungMinds are one of the leading child and adolescent mental health charities that champions the voices of young people and their right to good mental health support 

The new course has been designed to give the user more confidence and understanding into how they can support young people with their online use. 

In this video, Sarah from YoungMinds explains what the course covers and why it is important.

What is digital resilience? 

Digital resilience is understanding when you may be at risk online, knowing what to do if something goes wrong, learning from your experiences of being online, and being able to recover from any difficulties or upsets.  

A report by YoungMinds by into Digital Resilience summarised:  

It’s important to encourage children to stay safe, but we should also encourage them to create positive content and to explore how to balance their lives online and offline.”

Digital Resilience online course

Why is it important to know about digital resilience? Children and young people’s use of the internet has undergone rapid expansion with growing use of social media and increased use of mobile technologies.

Smartphone and tablet ownership has risen sharply and young people have greater autonomy than ever before to explore their own online world, bringing both opportunities and risks.

This new course should empower people to understand the impact that apps, games and social media may have on wellbeing.

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Digital Resilience

The benefit of people taking this course is to help put preventative measures in place in the same we do with regards to sex education or substance misuse; we put these measures in place to support physical health and we need to do the same to support good mental health. 

Sarah Berman, a trainer consultant for YoungMinds commented: 

“We know children and young people are living their online and offline lives seamlessly and yet many adults still feel reluctant or lacking in their ability to be able to have conversations about this. What you will learn from this course is that you don’t need to technologically subscribed or advanced, it’s about having open and honest conversations. We want the user to come away feeling far more empowered that they are skilled in opening up these conversations.” 

Digital Resilience online training course - only £18.50

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Our new course costs just £18.50 to buy online or can be added to our online learning service for a very cost-effective rate. 

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