Mentor partnership

Mentor partnership

EduCare is delighted to announce a new partnership with leading charity, Mentor UK.

Mentor is the UK’s leading charity working to prevent alcohol and drug misuse among children and young people and is EduCare’s expert partner for our forthcoming ‘Substance Misuse Risks’ training course.

EduCare’s Product Development Lead for Education, Dawn Jotham, has years of experience working in schools as Pastoral Lead. She commented that “We are delighted to be working with Mentor UK on our new training course as we believe that they are unparalleled in their continuing work to help provide education to children and young people about drugs and alcohol.

“Mentor’s focus on evidence-based prevention provides assurance that their programmes have a higher probability of being effective. The tools that they provide on drug education provide young people with the support they need and have a  positive impact on their health, relationships and life opportunities.”

EduCare’s new online training course, developed in partnership with Mentor UK, has been designed for teachers and support staff who work in schools, and will provide an overview of the issues surrounding substance misuse among children and young people, and the associated risks. It will help to raise awareness of the reasons why young people use drugs and alcohol and show how to identify the early signs of substance misuse risks as well as providing practical advice on the action to take to help and support young people.

Michael O’Toole, Mentor UK’s CEO said: “The role of a child’s school in prevention is much broader than alcohol and drug education lessons. By ensuring teachers and support staff are fully educated to spot the early signs of misuse and know how to help those same young people is very valuable.

“EduCare are leaders in their field and this partnership will enable us to access a broader audience to deliver our message. The new high-quality online training course will help deliver our vision of a world that provides opportunities for the healthy development of children and young people free from the harms caused by alcohol and drug misuse.”

Substance Misuse Risks will be available to buy online as a standalone course and will also be included in EduCare’s complete safeguarding and duty of care e-learning service, EduCare for Education®.

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