Course of the month: Child Protection in Sport and Active Leisure

Course of the month: Child Protection in Sport and Active Leisure

With the government currently consulting on a voluntary safeguarding code for Out of School Settings and the recent launch of Sport England’s new Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts, this month we are taking a closer look at how EduCare’s Child Protection in Sport & Active Leisure course can help if you work or volunteer with young people.


What is in EduCare's Child Protection in Sport & Active Leisure course?

The course contains 5 modules that cover:

  1. Child Development
  • What a child needs to develop.
  • The different stages of child development.
  • Negative influences on a child’s development.

  1. Forms of Child Abuse
  • Different forms of child abuse.
  • The effects of child abuse.
  • The myths surrounding child abuse.

  1. Recognising and Responding to Abuse
  • The signs that may mean a child is suffering abuse.
  • How to respond if a child confides in you or if you have concerns about a child’s welfare.

  1. Reporting Abuse and the Child Protection System
  • How you should report abuse.
  • What happens after you have reported your concerns.

  1. Good Practice
  • What you and your organisation can do to ensure that the children in your care stay safe from harm.


Who is it for?

Content, imagery and example scenarios in the course have been tailored to be relevant for people who work, or volunteer, in sports and leisure settings such as Martial Arts clubs, football teams, leisure centres or trampoline parks.

COURSE OF THE MONTH: Child Protection in Sport and Active Leisure

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Why do I need safeguarding training to work in a sports club and Martial Arts clubs?

The government is committed to safeguarding all children and protecting them from the risk of harmful practices, including, for example, unsafe premises, unsuitable staff, inappropriate forms of punishment and discipline, and exposure to harmful extremist views.

In the proposed new safeguarding code, the government advises that all staff and volunteers should have good working knowledge of, and be appropriately trained in, health and safety and child protection as a minimum.

The Safeguarding Code for Martial Arts requires that there are opportunities for basic safeguarding training offered to all coaches, instructors and volunteers.

Why should I take safeguarding training?

In England alone, around 85 children and young people aged 17 and under die each year from abuse and neglect.

That’s almost eight football teams.

Anyone who works or volunteers with children and young people in sports clubs, in Martial Arts or in Leisure centres can play their part in helping to protect children by being aware that abuse exists and being prepared to take action should you suspect abuse.

To do this, it is important to understand more about abuse and what forms it can take. EduCare’s Child Protection in Sport & Active Leisure course has been designed to:

  • raise awareness of abuse and neglect
  • help you to recognise early signs that might indicate a problem
  • show you how to take action if you know or suspect that a child or young person needs help.

The course is worth 5 CPD credits or CIMSPA endorsed points and if you pass the questionnaires with over 70%, you can download a personalised certificate.


Who has taken the course?

Nearly 10,000 people have taken the course, with over 1,250 starting the course in 2019 alone.

This includes people from customers from organisations such as UK Athletics, British Cycling and England Netball.


What are the reviews?

  • 95% of people who have completed our end-of-course reviews rated the course 4 or 5 out of 5 for content.
  • 99% felt confident to apply the course content in their current role
  • 94% rated 4 or 5 out of 5 for quality.

With comments like:

“Great case-based learning.”

“A comprehensive well produced online course that gave accurate information and tested it. By being online I could pick and choose when to do it.”

“I think it was straight forward. There is the right amount of information needed to learn effectively and come away with new knowledge.”


Who is the expert partner for the course?

At EduCare we ensure that all of our training courses are written and endorsed by experts. The Child Protection in Sport & Active Leisure course is fully endorsed by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Health (CIMSPA) and is accredited by Kidscape and Family Lives who are leading experts in child protection.


How much does it cost?

The course costs £29.50 to buy online and discounts are available when purchasing for more than ten people.


Which training package is it included in?

Our training package for Sports Clubs and Leisure centres contains 16 courses including Child Protection in Sports & Active Leisure. The package cost £75 per person, which makes each course less than £5.

This cost reduces to less than £1 when buying for up to 100 people, less than a takeaway coffee!


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