Abuse and Neglect: The Urgent Need for Child Protection Training [Infographic]

Abuse and Neglect: The Urgent Need for Child Protection Training [Infographic]

Child abuse and neglect are, sadly, more common than we’d all like to think. In 2015 alone, there were an estimated 391,000 children in the UK classed as “in need”. There are countless things that can be done to ensure the safeguarding of the UK’s children — not least of all widespread child protection training.

Physical abuse and neglect are prevalent, and digital abuse is also rising. The need for child protection training is higher than ever, with the statistics in our latest infographic highlighting the issue.

Infographic about the alarming stats on child protection

Download our infographic which demonstrates the effects of child abuse and neglect.

Physical Abuse and Neglect

The statistics regarding child abuse and neglect are alarming. In England alone, around 85 people aged 17 and under die each year from abuse and neglect, while the number of sexual offences against children increased by 38% in 2015. EduCare believes that safeguarding courses can help to combat these appalling figures.

In 2015, there were 23,000 ChildLine counselling sessions with children about their experiences of abuse and neglect. This figure highlights the need for immediate and drastic measures. Our child protection training courses are designed to ensure those working with children and young people can identify and limit the risk of physical abuse and neglect amongst children.

Preventing physical harm to children starts with the proper education of the adults that care for them. Passing down knowledge and identifying potential harm are both critical in the battle against child abuse.

The Digital Problem

The problem is not just a physical one; the digital revolution has coincided with an increase in child protection issues. The worldwide removal of URLs containing child abuse images increased by 118% in 2015. This huge spike was partly because the relevant authorities were actively looking for these images for the first time, but the stats are troubling nonetheless.

The digital problem also encompasses cyberbullying, with 52% of young people reporting to have experienced abuse online. With proper training, carers can understand the changing technological landscape that is putting children at risk, and identify ways to safeguard them.

While for many adults the internet is a novel thing, modern technology is familiar to most children. Over one in five 8-11 year-olds have a social media profile and one in four children have seen something upsetting on a social media site. The prevalence of digital technology — and the potentially harmful material shown on it — means that up-to-date child protection training is crucial.

What Can Be Done?

The solution is not simple, nor is it quick. At EduCare, we believe that educating adults lead to a trickle-down effect, ensuring that safety information is passed down from a trusted source. Our safeguarding courses and child protection training are ideal for preparing adults with the information to prevent harm to children. Ensuring that anyone working with children and young people has the tools and knowledge to limit child abuse and neglect — in any of their forms — is a vital step towards ending abuse.

EduCare is the market leader in developing and delivering highly engaging online learning courses, in partnership with leading experts. For a wide range of safeguarding courses, visit our Course Library. We’re passionate about keeping children, young people and adults safe from harm.

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