EduCare Service Level Agreement (website)

Service Agreement

EduCare commits to providing your organisation with:

Access to EduCare’s online learning service – where learners can access the service agreed.

  • Upon successful completion of each course, each learner receives:
    • Downloadable personalised certificate to evidence course completion, confirming the CPD hours achieved.
    • Digital achievement ‘badge’ for motivating learners and social sharing with colleagues and friends.
  • System functionality enables those managing the service to:
    • Report and evidence learning progress – completed, not started, in progress.
    • Download learner certificates.
    • Resend welcome emails.
    • View learner grades.
  • EduCare provides ongoing course content updates in line with legislation and guidance changes.
  • Free questionnaire resits for organisations.
  • Opportunity to brand the LMS dashboard with your organisation logo.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • System training with our customer fulfilment team.
  • Support to set up the learning environment, including learner uploads.
  • Instructions for both learners and those administering the training in the form of on-screen Instructions, video and FAQs.
  • EduCare support is available to customers from 8.30am – 5pm (GMT) on business working days.
  • Our dedicated customer support team will endeavour to:
    • Reply to an email enquiry within 24 hours of receiving the communication.
    • Answer telephone calls within 5 rings, 95% of the time.
    • Identify EduCare team member by name in all communications.
    • Respond to voicemail messages within 24 hours.

  • EduCare’s technical support team will endeavour to:
    • Respond to critical technical faults within two hours of receipt and verification of a report made to EduCare by the customer.
    • For essential LMS updates and development work, a minimum notice period of 48 hours will be provided for any planned work to take place during normal business hours. EduCare will make all reasonable endeavours to avoid outage during normal business hours.

As soon as a client reasonably becomes aware of an issue, EduCare should be informed in one of the following ways:

  • Live chat facility available on the EduCare Website
  • By emailing EduCare
  • By telephone to 01926 436219
  • Within the help’ section of the Learning Management System (LMS) – contact us page

 Each issue notification shall include the following information:

  • Organisation name
  • The name of the person reporting the issue
  • Details of the issue (Screenshots, error messages etc)
  • Any other information needed for EduCare to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

The customer shall also reasonably provide EduCare with any further information that we might require in order to correctly diagnose and resolve an issue. The customer agrees that EduCare cannot begin the process of issue resolution until EduCare has been able to replicate the issue. End users shall provide EduCare with all reasonable assistance required to enable us to rectify the issue.

EduCare will notify the customer by email or website message when EduCare believes that the issue has been resolved. Unless EduCare receives notification from customers to the contrary within three business days of such notification, an issue will be considered ‘closed’.

EduCare shall use its reasonable endeavours to resolve each issue notified within the following timescales:




1 - Critical

System Unavailable

Target issue response within 2 working hours.

Target fix within 4 working hours.

2 - Major

System available, but a complete function unavailable

Target issue response within 6 working hours.

Target fix within 2 working days.

3 - Other

System available, fault exists but can workaround

Target issue response within 1 working day.

Target fix within 5 working days.


Where a problem requires action by a third party supplier, e.g. British Telecom, this response time cannot be guaranteed. The same applies to circumstances beyond EduCare’s control - for instance: flood.

This SLA also does not apply if the customer is in breach of its contract with EduCare for any reason (e.g. late payments of invoices). However, EduCare aims to be helpful and accommodating at all times; doing its absolute best to assist customers wherever possible.

Please view our technical requirements, policies and terms & conditions.

We also offer a range of helpful communication services, including:

  • Expert e-newsletters on duty of care and safeguarding issues.
  • Email updates on course updates and new courses launched.
  • Opportunity to share good practice online - guest blogs, case studies, testimonials shared to EduCare’s professional network.