World Mental Health Day 2017

World Mental Health Day 2017

EduCare staff are wearing yellow today as part of YoungMinds' campaign to mark World Mental Health Day 2017.


YoungMinds have encouraged thousands of people to wear something yellow on Tuesday 10th October, World Mental Health Day, to help spread the word that, whatever you’re going through, you can talk to someone if you’re struggling to cope.

There is no health without Mental Health

EduCare staff have also been provided with YoungMinds' 10 wellbeing at work tips:

1. Take your full lunch break (and don’t eat at your desk!)
2. Hold a group activity like a game of rounders or group walk
3. Get active during your lunch break. Go for a walk, take a yoga class or just do some simple stretches in the local park
4. Have a tidy! This may seem like a boring task but it can feel satisfying to de-clutter your work space
5. Take an inbox break. Put aside 10 minutes to make a cup of tea or make a to-do list in your note pad
6. Organise a social event for you and your colleagues like a quiz or book club
7. Listen to some music - you could even make a shared playlist for you and your colleagues
8. Wind down on your journey home. Listen to music or read a book, if you cycle try and take a scenic route home
9. Check in with a colleague. Take 5 minutes to really find out how someone is
10. Talk to someone if you are struggling. Speak to a trusted colleague about how you are feeling or to your manager if your workload becomes too much

EduCare and YoungMinds

YoungMinds have worked with us to create our new Mental Wellbeing course which covers common Mental Health issues faced by children and young people, how to build resilience and what support mechanisms can be put in place for those experiencing Mental Health problems.

Get in touch to find out more.

This content and imagery was originally posted on the YoungMinds website. YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity championing the wellbeing and mental health of young people. Visit their website for more information on their linking policy.

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Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People

This course looks at mental health and emotional wellbeing in young people, highlighting some signs and symptoms, along with myths and the stigma associated with mental health issues.

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Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People

After completing this course you will:

  1. Understand what mental health is in the context of the mental health continuum.
  2. Be able to identify some common issues faced by young people with regard to mental health.
  3. Recognise some of the signs and symptoms that indicate mental health issues in young people.
  4. Understand key risk factors that make some young people vulnerable to mental health issues.
  5. Learn about protective factors that build resilience in young people and some of the myths and stigma surrounding mental health issues.
  6. Pick up practical advice to help you support young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Additional information


What is Mental Health?

This resource will look at the simple definition of Mental Health, the Mental Health continuum and the common issues that affect Children and Young People.

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