What are the top five fire hazards in the workplace

What are the top five fire hazards in the workplace

The most important part of developing an effective fire safety management system is identifying the hazards in a workplace and eliminating them at the source. If this cannot be achieved, organisations need to consider what control measures are required to reduce and manage the residual risk.

The top five fire hazards in the workplace are:

  1. Waste and combustible materials

A build-up of waste materials such as paper and cardboard provide fuel for fire, and if gathered in one place could have a devastating effect.

  1. Flammable liquids

The volume of flammable liquids such as cleaning fluids will vary, but even a small amount or number of flammable liquids can pose a significant fire risk if not stored correctly.

  1. Dust

Dust is one of the biggest causes of fire in workplaces. Build-up from wood, plastic and other materials can cause equipment breakdown and faults, or even go as far as to cause explosions.

  1. Heat generating objects

Electrical equipment and machinery can overheat and start a fire, especially if combustible materials are stored close by.

     5. Human behaviour and error

Human error is one of the biggest causes of fire within the workplace.

How to manage fire hazards

All employers must develop effective fire safety systems to ensure that fire hazards in the workplace are suitably managed.

This includes:

  • staff training
  • inspection and maintenance of plant and equipment
  • maintaining good levels of housekeeping
  • having effective waste management systems in place
  • employees understanding and accepting their roles and responsibilities
  • developing defect reporting systems.

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