Test your GDPR strength: can you resolve these 3 potential data problems?

Test your GDPR strength: can you resolve these 3 potential data problems?

The new GDPR 2018 encompasses any personal data that is stored and processed using computers, as well as any data that is stored on paper in any manual filing system. Whether it is on a standalone computer, a network server, in the Cloud or as hand written notes.

In an educational setting that means all, and any, personal data held on students, parents, staff and governors.

Are you ready for 25th May 2018?

Test your GDPR strength against these 3 potential data issues:

Issue 1: Governors

Confidential papers are being distributed to Governors using personal email addresses. They may contain sensitive personal information about staff. When a Governor’s term of office finishes you have no control over the deletion or destruction of confidential documents kept digitally.

How would you resolve this?

Issue 2: Cashless pay system

The establishment where you work has introduced a new cashless catering system, which involves both collecting new data for a new purpose and using existing data for a new purpose.

What should be conducted?

Issue 3: Holding data externally

Staff are holding student data on personal USB drives and using them to take student data offsite to work at home. This means that staff may have several USBs with student data on them, and some may have transferred the data to home equipment.

What should you do?

EduCare can help

These 3 scenarios are answered in our latest GDPR training course: ‘A Practical Guide to the GDPR for Education’. The course gives real-world scenarios and sample solutions to help schools and settings prepare for 25th May 2018 and is available to buy individually online or bought as an addition to EduCare for Education®, EduCare’s best-selling complete safeguarding and duty of care training service.

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