Safeguarding – Tracey Crouch’s legacy

Safeguarding – Tracey Crouch’s legacy

Tracey Crouch resigned at the beginning of November in protest at the government’s “unjustifiable” refusal to speed up plans to curb controversial fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs).

Politicians come and go, but principles stay with us forever

Whilst she was in office Tracey Crouch was instrumental in leading a number of key improvements in sport, in particular, those relating to Safeguarding following the sex abuse scandal in football.

This was discussed by the former Sports Minister on the 4th November, in an interview on the BBC’s Sportsweek programme:

Gary Richardson, BBC Radio 5 Live: You were in the job for three years. Safeguarding was a big focus for you. On that subject, what can you tell us?

Tracey Crouch, former Sports Minister: Safeguarding is my number one priority and I think we did make some progress in terms of improving some safeguarding measures across boards following the historic abuse allegations.

I am still in awe of those victims that came forward with their bravery and courage and talked about those moments of abuse when they were going through the academy programme and everything else. I was really struck by how the sport felt that it needed to do something and wanted to do something and the limitations of what they could and couldn’t do.

I had numerous round tables with different sports about improving safeguarding mechanisms. There’s still lots of stuff that needs to be done. But one of the things that I am quite proud of what we did is that we now have a martial arts code, because there are so many different martial arts that we didn’t have any kind of safeguarding across martial arts and now we do. I think that’s a real positive outcome.

Gary Richardson, BBC Radio 5 Live: Victims came forward as you pointed out. How safe is the sport for children do you think?

Tracey Crouch, former Sports Minister: I think it is safer than it was when the victims of the historic abuse allegations came forward. I think there will always be loopholes and people will find them. That is just the nature of abuse. There are vulnerabilities in the system but I hope that we all are working together to close those vulnerabilities down.

Sport England Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts

The Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts has been created to reward martial arts club/organisations and individuals who exercise good safeguarding practice in their delivery. It helps to demonstrate that clubs work to protect the children, young people and adults that are involved in activities, as well as those coaches/instructors who are working with them.

To complete the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts process clubs are required to demonstrate good practice and working knowledge of a number of subjects within the duty of care area of sport delivery. The "mark" will be awarded to those who can evidence that they implement and maintain the required standards.

EduCare has taken operational responsibility for the project which has been rolled out to all associated clubs, NGBs, martial arts franchises and membership organisations.

For more information, contact the Safeguarding Code or visit

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