Addressing Post-Brexit Bullying in Schools

Addressing Post-Brexit Bullying in Schools

Since the Brexit referendum, there has been a sharp spike in race-related hate crimes across the UK.

More than a hundred incidents of racial abuse and hate crime were reported in the first 48 hours after the results. Many of the alleged perpetrators cited the decision to leave the EU explicitly as the driving force behind their criminal acts. In the weeks following the result, this increase in hate crime and hate speech has also been occurring in schools across the country.

This spike in bullying has not gone unnoticed, with the Department of Education releasing a statement on the issue, saying “we are clear that no child should live in fear of racism and bullying”.

In the midst of such negative behaviour, all professionals whose work brings them into contact with children and young people must make a concerted effort to ensure that they are not exposed to racist intimidation or bullying.

Celebrating Our Diversity

There is much for us to be extraordinarily proud of in the British school system. We have one of the strongest national curriculums in the world, and our classrooms have students from all over the globe who speak a multitude of different languages. This diversity has become an integral part of our identity as a nation and should continue to be celebrated, no matter what the coming months and years bring.

All children have the right to attend school without the fear of being bullied, intimidated, or subjected to abuse. Brexit has left many children and their families across the UK in limbo, unsure of what the referendum results (and pending Act of Parliament vote) mean for their future. In the midst of this uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to ensure that all pupils feel that they’re safe, supported and being nurtured at school.

Using Preventing Bullying Training to Combat Abuse

As a teacher, it can be very difficult to witness the divisions among students that have been occurring in the wake of Brexit. One of the best things that school leaders can do in the midst of this uncertainty is to invest in preventing bullying training for their staff.

The purpose of preventing bullying courses is to help teachers, school officials and other faculty members comprehend, recognise, and prevent bullying and abusive behaviour in schools. These courses draw on extensive academic research which has been carried out on the subject.

The EduCare course begins with giving trainees a broad understanding of why bullying can occur and then goes on to give trainees the skills and knowledge to be able to recognise and prevent bullying behaviour. The course’s subject matter also encompasses the potential long-term effects of bullying, bullying within organisations, and what can be done on an individual level to play your part in combating bullying.  

In addition to strengthening the skill-sets of your staff, the course can be completed entirely online. By doing the training online, you’re able to plan your training around your busy schedule, instead of having to find time for full-scale training for all of your staff. The online feature also enables staff members to learn at their own pace, allowing them to absorb the vital information in a schedule that suits them.

Find out more about accessing the preventing bullying course for your school. 

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