KCSIE: Updates to EduCare's Child Protection training courses

KCSIE: Updates to EduCare's Child Protection training courses

EduCare is preparing for the new Department for Education statutory guidance by updating our portfolio of Child Protection and Safeguarding training courses, including Child Protection in Education, Safeguarding Young People, FGM Awareness and Child Protection Advanced (previously called Child Protection Level 3).

Taking one of our bestselling courses, Child Protection in Education, this article looks in detail at how the course will be updated in readiness for the 3rd of September 2018.

Updates to EduCare's Child Protection in Education online training course

The purpose of the current course is to impart knowledge about what abuse is, the signs and what to do should they suspect abuse, or have it disclosed to them. The same purpose will still apply to the new course.

What is different about the new course?

  • References the updated KCSIE 2018 guidance and not the 2016 version
  • Explains how schools should take a child-centred approach to safeguarding and promoting welfare
  • Increased focus on what can affect child development; for example, the Toxic Trio – substance misuse, domestic abuse, mental ill-health, and other risk factors.
  • Updates to all child protection statistics on the prevalence of abuse to March 2017 in line with the latest published figures
  • Includes new sections on:
    • honour-based abuse
    • child trafficking and modern slavery
    • sexual violence and sexual harassment
    • fabricated or induced illness
    • county lines exploitation (children/young people being used to move drugs and money to suburban, market and coastal towns and cities).
  •  Includes more information on Section 17 of the Children Act 1989 (a child in need) and Section 47 of the Act (a child suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm). 
  • Updates to terminology, for example, local safeguarding children boards are being phased out over a timescale of 15 months and the new term ‘safeguarding partners’ is being introduced
  • Updated sections on safer working practice
  • Includes thought-provoking scenarios for learners to consider what might be acceptable or unacceptable practice

The new course also has a fresh, modern re-design and contains human narration for accessibility. This narration now covers the questionnaires as well as all modules.

Remain compliant

If any learner wishes to take our current Child Protection training course as a matter of urgency, then please be assured that the existing Child Protection in Education course is still current and will still help learners spot the signs of abuse and understand how to report concerns. However, EduCare is advising that if any customer is planning staff training from September 2018, they should wait for the new course which will be available this summer when all the relevant courses in our EduCare for Education® e-learning service will be updated.

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