EduCare forms new partnership with Inclusion In Sport

EduCare forms new partnership with Inclusion In Sport

We are very proud of the quality of our courses and work with a wide range of subject experts who play a key role in contributing to, reviewing and endorsing our training. This ensures our courses are always accurate, up-to-date and of the highest quality. 

In response to a demand for sport-specific equality, diversity, inclusion and safeguarding training, EduCare is launching a new course in early 2019 in partnership with Inclusion in Sport.

Inclusion in Sport

Inclusion In Sport was founded in 2017 by Lyndon Roberts, a former Inclusion Manager at Derby County, who lead a number of successful projects in the local community, such as Premier League Kicks.

Lyndon then spent 18 months supporting Premier League, EFL clubs and trusts/foundations with their equality, diversity and inclusion projects, including the Premier League Equality Standard and EFL Equality Code of Practice. This included delivering training to 400 professionals working at EFL clubs and the same number at Premier League clubs.

Speaking about the new course, Lyndon commented:

"I am delighted that Inclusion in Sport has partnered with EduCare, in order to provide the sector with up-to-date guidance relating to sport and leisure, on the topic of equality, diversity and inclusion. As sector leaders in the field of online duty of care training, the opportunity to work with EduCare and translate our specific diversity and inclusion expertise into an online course and reach their broad audience has been invaluable."

Equality and Diversity in Sport Online Training Course

The new course will cover:

  • what equality and diversity mean 
  • barriers that can prevent equality from being realised
  • key legislation and your responsibilities

It will be available to buy online or is included with the EduCare for Sport® training packages - our most cost-effective way for clubs and organisations to buy a broad range of safeguarding for their coaches or volunteersFor example, our package for clubs contains sixteen courses and costs just £75 per learner, saving nearly £300. This saving increases when buying for more learners, for example, when buying for 25 people or more this can be reduced to just £20 per learner.

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