5 reasons to refresh your Safeguarding Adults training today

5 reasons to refresh your Safeguarding Adults training today

It is recommended that you refresh your safeguarding training every three years. Refreshing your safeguarding knowledge and skills in the workplace is vital in ensuring that you can recognise the signs of abuse or neglect and are confident that you will be able to take the correct action.

1. Keep up-to-date

Don’t let a serious incident happen in your organisation before you realise you are not up-to-date with your safeguarding training. EduCare’s Safeguarding Adults Refresher training provides you with real life cases that can help you to identify issues in your organisation.

2. Develop your skills

Refreshing your safeguarding training can have many benefits for you in the workplace. As well as helping you to understand and recognise adults who may be at risk, additional learning will help you look more favourable with your employer.

3. Applying your knowledge

There are various reasons why knowledge and skills fade over time. There may be various reasons for this degradation of skills, but most often it is down to the lack of regular use and applying this knowledge in the workplace.

4. Keeping up with legislation

In larger companies it is often difficult to ensure that everyone has completed their mandatory training and is up-to-date on the latest changes in legislation. Refresher training can ensure that staff are equipped with the latest knowledge and best practice.

5. Boost morale in the workplace

Refreshing safeguarding training in an organisation can help to boost self-confidence and morale amongst employees as it will increase their skills and competencies at work.

Safeguarding training is very highly recommended if you work in a sector where you interact with vulnerable individuals, such as education or care.  

If you’d like to learn more about Safeguarding Adults Refresher training, CPD hours and the role it can play in your organisation, look no further!

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