3 ways EduCare can help you reduce costs

3 ways EduCare can help you reduce costs

As budgets continue to be reduced across all schools and educational settings, here are three ways you can save money by using EduCare’s comprehensive training package – EduCare for Education.

How to save money on staff training

One. By not paying ‘per-learner’ on your training

EduCare for Education is available on an unlimited basis which means all staff, including heads, teaching staff, support staff and volunteers can access content for one annual price.

This includes new starters and anyone who misses a planned inset day.

   Example saving: In 2018 alone, learners at schools across Equals Trust, a Multi-Academy Trust, accessed almost 500 EduCare courses. This would have cost almost £6,000 if purchasing on a per-learner basis. In just the first 9 months of their 36-month EduCare for Education contract, they saved around £750 by not paying on a per-course per-learner basis. Click here to find out how Equals Trust saved 60% on their training costs.

Two. By not paying separate training companies for individual courses

Schools’ training needs are complex. Whilst everyone must complete mandatory safeguarding courses, other members of the team may need Safer Recruitment training, whilst new starters may need induction courses on Fire Safety and the new GDPR.

EduCare for Education contains over 30 essential training courses covering safeguarding, compliance, wellbeing and health&safety which means you have everything you need – all in one place.

    Find out which courses are included by visiting www.educare.co.uk/educare-for-education.

Three. By purchasing collaboratively

EduCare’s training package is priced on school pupil roll numbers, with economies of scale meaning that larger schools pay less per head. Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) can make substantial savings by purchasing collaboratively across all member sites.

Schools that are not part of a larger MAT may be able to access discounts through membership bodies or purchasing with their geographical cluster group.

   Example saving: Equals Trust purchased EduCare for Education for 9 member schools and saved 31% compared to purchasing for each school individually. Members of associations such as IAPs, GSA, COBIS and several geographical clusters can access discounts of around 10%.

Learn for less than the price of a cup of coffee

EduCare for Education offers fantastic value for money. Because it offers unlimited access, the annual subscription price is based on pupil roll numbers and not per-learner. This unique pricing model means that you should never have to pay more than £2 per-learner, per-course. And definitely less than a Flat White!

Challenge us today and see how much you can save! Call us on 01926 436 212, use our chat facility or use the form below.

Challenge us today and see how much you could save!

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