Free wellbeing resources
for your school or college

Within our online learning service there are many health and wellbeing training courses for staff to help support the children and young people that they work with. The topics include mental health, substance misuse, dealing with bereavement and loss and honour-based abuse and forced marriage.

Where the subject matter is appropriate, we have taken these topics and produced resources specifically for your community of parents and carers and children and young people

These resources will help you to ensure that your community can access the same level of high-quality information as your staff online training. This allows you to be confident that all complementary pastoral resources that you signpost to are reliable and have been written in partnership with leading experts.

How are the resources accessed?

It's important to note before these resources are shared, that there are two banks of resources that are specifically designed for different audiences. This should dictate where they are shared and made available.

Resources for Parents & Carers

The resources in this section are designed specifically for parents and carers. You can share these resources on your website in the appropriate section, and make them aware of this.

View resources for parents & carers

Resources for Children & Young People

The resources in this section are designed specifically for children and young people. You can share these resources on your school website in the appropriate section for your pupils, and ensure they are aware of this.

View resources for children & young people

Important Notice: The topics covered are mainly suitable for secondary school-age children (aged 11 onwards),
you should review all content before sharing with your community.

Tell your community


Talk about them in school lessons.


Direct children and young people to them when teaching PSHE or SRE.


Feature them on the news area of your website.

Put them in school newsletters or other information that goes home.

…or any other way you communicate with parents/carers and children and young people.

5 key benefits of using EduSafe

  1. Parent and carers will have a greater understanding of sensitive topics to help support their children.
  2. Children and Young People can get advice and guidance from experts with lots of links for further support.
  3. Consistent, expert advice that mirrors your staff training.
  4. Reassurance and peace of mind that all the topics have been written by the country’s leading experts.
  5. Completely free of charge as part of your online learning service.


Our experts

We work with a wide range of subject experts, who play a key role in contributing to, reviewing, and endorsing our training and resources. This ensures our courses are always accurate, up-to-date and of the highest quality.

The following experts have also helped us to create these free online resources for your community.

The Children's Society
The Children's Society
Winston's Wish
Winston's Wish
Karma Nirvana
Karma Nirvana