Coronavirus and the impact on your duty of care 

We are sharing free courses and resources to help you safeguard and protect children and young people at this difficult time.

The impact of the Coronavirus is affecting us in many ways.
Please find links below to recommendations for good practice, the latest news, free courses and resources that can help.

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Free Webinar series: Ask the experts

To support schools during the Coronavirus crisis, we ran a series of free webinars addressing the issues affecting schools at this time.

The webinars featured presentations from some of our expert partners such as Childnet, Winston's Wish and NWG about the key issues and shared good practice on keeping children and young people safe.

Click below to find out more about the series.

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Ask the experts



EduSafe® : Free online wellbeing resources 

Please share with your community of children and young people & parents and carers.

These resources will help you to ensure that your community can access high-quality information on safeguarding and duty of care whilst schools are closed. 

This allows you to be confident that all complementary pastoral resources that you signpost to are reliable and have been written in partnership with leading experts.

Normally these resources are only available to our customers but we are sharing to help support schools at this time.

To access the resources, please click below. 

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Free resources to support children and young people throughout the outbreak

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Our Coronavirus support resources hub contains several resources:
  • Supporting children and young people with anxiety
  • Supporting children and young people with loneliness
  • Supporting children and young people with bereavement
  • Privacy and security support

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Coronavirus Resources Hub


Want to plan further staff training?

Find out what our recommended courses are across the broad range of job roles in a school

Use this matrix to see which of our portfolio of safeguarding and duty of care training courses are mandatory by job role and which we recommend.
The courses are categorised across 4 areas – safeguarding, compliance, health and safety and wellbeing.

Tes Covid-19 guide

Resources and information for primary & secondary schools

Our parent company, Tes, have collated some useful resources, checklists, tips and other information relating to the impact of Coronavirus or Covdid-19 on both primary and secondary schools.
Download the relevant guide for your setting through the buttons below.

Covid-19 Guide

Tes Coronavirus Hub

Tes Coronavirus Hub

With school closures in the UK from Monday 23rd March, and ongoing school closures in many parts of the world, the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is affecting the worldwide teaching community in new, unforeseen and profound ways.

Our owners, Tes, have created this page to facilitate the sharing of free resources and information on coronavirus, as well as anything that might help support teachers, schools and students during this time, such as revision material, home packs and self-guided study material. You will also find here links to the most up-to-date news from our editorial team as the situation develops.

Our latest news and information

Check back here for any updates and developments as we have them.


Coronavirus: Advice from our expert partners

We have asked our network of expert partners, what their advice is to help keep everyone safe as we learn to safeguard in new ways

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How to keep children safe during the Coronavirus crisis

The DfE have published guidance to help schools safeguard children in these unprecedented times

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Coronavirus and attendance

Coronavirus (COVID-19): attendance recording for educational settings

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Coronavirus and communication

To support schools we are sharing Coronavirus news that relates specifically to safeguarding and duty of care. Today we are looking at how to communicate with your community.

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Coronavirus and thinking on your feet

We are in a totally new situation. We want to engage with people in schools and create a forum where we can exchange ideas.

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Coronavirus: Information for parents on school closures

FAQs on what you need to know

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Coronavirus and school closures

To support schools we are sharing Coronavirus news that relates specifically to safeguarding and duty of care. Today we are looking at the impact of school closures.

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What is the Coronavirus Bill?

To support schools we are sharing Coronavirus news that relates specifically to safeguarding and duty of care. Today we are looking at the Coronavirus Bill.

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Continuity of our service

To support our staff wellbeing and follow Government advice, EduCare is now operating via remote working. We will continue to operate as 'business as usual' to fully support all our customers' needs.

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Coronavirus - free CPD and resources for schools

Supporting schools with free safeguarding and duty of care resources and CPD courses

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Safeguarding and Coronavirus – how to protect your pupils remotely

What protocols should you follow in the event of a school closure?

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How to wash your hands effectively

Effective handwashing is the single most important way to control infection and prevent it spreading.

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Five steps for preventing the spread of infections in an Early Years setting

Melanie Pilcher, quality and standards manager at the Early Years Alliance has created this guest article

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