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The Early Years Alliance's special partnership with EduCare gives members FREE access to valuable, distance-learning courses every year.

The online system where all courses and reports are accessed has been updated and access to the previous learning platform is no longer available.

The free courses can now be accessed through EduCare’s improved learning platform.

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How to access your learning


The main contact for Early Years Alliance membership will be set up as the administrator of the EduCare learning account by default. The administrator will automatically be sent an email from EduCare with login details and instructions on how to set up learners on the new system. 

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Individual learners who are not the main contact for Early Years Alliance membership can only access learning once the administrator has set up their details. As soon as learner's details have been entered, they will automatically be sent a system email containing login information.

Learners should speak to their administrator if they have not received an email with login details.

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Where do I log in to access my learning?

The platform can be accessed by visiting 

Why don't my log in details work anymore?

The new platform for accessing free CPD training from EduCare is a completely different system and all learners have been set up as new learners. No information, training data or login details have been transferred to the new system.

I manage the learning for my setting, why have I not received a welcome email?

The email address that has been used is the same as the email address for the main membership contact with the Early Years Alliance. If this needs to be updated, please contact the Membership Records team on 020 7697 2585

If the email address is correct, please check your junk email.

I am one of the learners in my setting, why have I not received a welcome email?

All learners will need to be set up by the main membership contact for the Early Years Alliance in your setting. If they have set your details up correctly, and you have not received a welcome email with login details, then please check your junk folder.

Can I still access free online learning?

Yes! Free courses from EduCare can still be accessed as part of your membership. It is just that they are accessed via a new system.

Can I still access the discounted EduCare courses?

Yes! A new online shop can be accessed from the new learning platform which lists all the courses from EduCare that Early Years Alliance members can purchase at a discount. These can then be allocated to team members if required.

Have the courses or certificates changed?

The content and quality of the courses has not changed. However, the list of courses included in the package of free courses has been updated. Course interactivity and questionnaires have improved as we are able to use additional functionality on the new system. Learners can also download badges which can be shared online and via social media channels.

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