The top 5 benefits of First Aid training for Freelance Fitness Professionals

The top 5 benefits of First Aid training for Freelance Fitness Professionals

Origym is a professional course provider specialising in REP’s recognised personal trainer courses. They work in partnership with EduCare to provide our duty of care courses to their customer base.

Origym have identified that there are approximately 130,000 active freelance personal trainers operating in the UK, either working with clients in their own homes or working for fitness based establishments, however, they have been astonished to find that many do not have a certificate in first aid or emergency response to accompany their fitness qualifications. Origym have produced this article for us which explores the main benefits of taking a first aid training course.

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Having the correct certification in place as a fitness professional is imperative. It only takes one workout session where someone experiences a medical concern, whether that is something as serious as a heart attack or something as common as a hernia, that could cause you severe problems if you do not have the correct certification.  

Do not leave yourself liable

Liability is a horrible word for most personal trainers, but if you are not adhering to health and safety laws within your own freelance fitness business, then you are putting yourself at risk.

If you own your fitness establishment, coaching set-up or boot camp, legally you must have relevant insurance, and you need to be first aid certified or have a member of staff who is. If an incident occurs, regardless of fault, you will automatically be liable if you’re not complying with the law.

Top 5 benefits of first aid training

Having up-to-date first aid training is a specific requirement, but what other benefits can you gain by being properly trained in first aid?

1. Increased chance of employment

Gyms and health clubs have a duty of care towards their customers, this includes ensuring that a certain number of first aiders are qualified and that at least one qualified first aid trained Personal Trainer is on site at all times. With this in mind, it is advantageous to already possess certification. If gym managers and private owners do not have to spend time or money on training, it might stand you in a good position when considering who is best to fill that role.

2. Make your clients feel at ease

Both clients that are acclimatised to training, and those taking their first steps with you as their personal trainer, want to feel like they are in safe hands. Knowing you have the qualification to safeguard them in a potential incident will increase their trust in your services.

3. You could actually make a difference

Although as a certified professional you might have gone through all the correct processes and procedures, many clients may have medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes or hypoglycemia and may be particularly susceptible to problems when encountering exercise for the first time. Whilst this is likely to be something minor such as fatigue or dehydration, there is always the chance that it could be something more serious. Your first aid training really could save somebody’s life.

4. Help promote your brand

If you’re serious about becoming a freelance fitness professional, your brand needs to make you look serious and professional. Having your insurance, REPs number and qualifications clearly on display on your marketing collateral is essential. Prospective clients are looking for these elements when deciding who to spend their hard earned money with. Adding your first aid certificate here helps reiterate your professionalism.

5. Save yourself some money

Many insurance companies like insure4sport or Fitpro offer lower rates to those who have undergone a first aid course. This financial difference could pay for the course in its own right over a 12-month period.

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