Revised Statutory Guidance: Keeping Children Safe in Education

Revised Statutory Guidance: Keeping Children Safe in Education

The revised statutory guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education, came into force from 5th September. The guidance stipulates that “all staff members should receive appropriate safeguarding and child protection training which is regularly updated.”

The revised guidance contains information on what settings should do and sets out the legal duties with which schools and colleges must comply in order to keep children safe.

Schools and settings must have regard to the statutory guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) when carrying out their duties to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Staff should receive safeguarding and child protection updates as required, but at least annually, to provide them with relevant skills and knowledge to safeguard children effectively. If you and your staff have recently completed child protection training, you do not need to worry that it is defunct, nor do you need to immediately re-train using the revised guidance. An annual update is all that is required.

All safeguarding courses in the EduCare for Education licence were updated to reflect the revised guidance in time for the start of the September term. In fact, all the courses in the licence are reviewed regularly and updated as required to ensure they are current at all times.

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