Understanding Self-Harm for International Schools

Self-harm is when somebody intentionally damages or injures their body. A person may use physical pain as a way of distracting themselves from emotional pain, giving them temporary relief.

Course description

This course covers:

    • what self-harm is and why people self-harm
    • facts and figures on the prevalence of selfharm and what factors make people more likely to self-harm
    • common triggers for self-harm
    • the different types of self-harm including the more obvious signs and less obvious ones
    • the indicators that someone may be selfharming
    • the support in place to help someone who is self-harming including distraction techniques and someone to talk to if they feel the need to self-harm
    • ways of accessing support for someone who is self-harming
    • further support on self-harm including services and helplines that are available.

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What customers say

The great thing with the package is that it is easily accessible and training records can be downloaded onto excel. The governing board complete courses on a termly basis. So far they have covered child protection, online exploitation, prevent and SEND code of practice.

Chris Sargeant

Head teacher, Morchard Bishop Primary School