KCSIE 2020: Draft guidance now published

KCSIE 2020: Draft guidance now published

This morning, the government has published the draft update to Keeping children safe in education which will come into effect on 1 September 2020

This comes just one year after the 2019 update so there are not a large number of changes, and we are not making substantial changes to the content of our training courses.

EduCare customers should continue to take the current EduCare courses - you should not make any changes to your planned safeguarding training at this stage.

How will KCSIE 2020 affect schools?

Policies and procedures will need to reflect 2020 changes ready for September and staff will need to read and understand part 1 of the new version once it has been released following the consultation.

EduCare's Product Development Lead for Education, Dawn Jotham, has reviewed the new draft guidance and summarised how it may affect maintained schools, nursery schools, colleges, independent schools, academy trusts, special schools and pupil referral units.

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EduCare - compliant with KCSIE

EduCare's training courses are updated whenever key legislation changes. 

Where necessary, our portfolio of safeguarding courses will be adapted to reflect the changes to the 2020 guidance meaning that our customers are always able to access the latest, and most relevant knowledge to stay up to date and help keep everyone safe.

Keeping children safe in education - which EduCare courses will be updated to reflect the latest statutory guidance?

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