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EduCare for Health®

EduCare is the UK's leading provider of essential Safeguarding and Duty of Care training. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our e-learning courses which have been written and endorsed by experts.

EduCare for Health® is our training course package written for those who work in Social Care, Healthcare and Dental institutions and combines up to 15 different courses - such as Infection Control, Safeguarding Children and Child Neglect - into one cost-effective bundle. It will instil confidence in your staff and make your health setting safer – both for staff and patients alike.

Sold as an annual licence, EduCare for Health® is priced on the number of learners with three licence options: Social Care, Healthcare and Dentists. The licences provide you with an easy-to-use, cost-effective way of instilling knowledge and confidence in your staff to ensure high standards are consistently applied.

Training Course Packages

We have developed different versions of EduCare for Health® for specific health and social care institutions. Each package is designed with content, imagery and resources especially for those working within each setting.

What is EduCare for Health?

This simple video should help to explain the online learning service.

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