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Our Business Bundle of Programmes offer you a high quality, expert and easy to use online learning service.

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Our Business Bundle of Programmes offer you a high quality, expert and easy to use online learning service. Programmes include data protection, equality and diversity, safeguarding adults, personal safety, health and safety, first aid, fire safety, display screen equipment, and also introductions to effective teamwork and leadership. Everything you need, in one place and available 24/7.

We are the market leader in developing and delivering highly engaging online learning programmes in partnership with leading experts. Over four million people in a variety of different sectors have learnt how to fulfil their duty of care with EduCare.

You and all your staff will receive access to all programmes, so you can train every employee, whatever their role or responsibility and provide evidence of learning. We take the stress out of staff training by ensuring that your employees have the latest knowledge and best practice.

Our Business Bundle of Programmes for SMEs offer you the best quality service at the best value for money. The cost of all 10 programmes is only £228.50 and to make it even easier for you to become compliant, we are currently offering a 35% discount on this bundle, saving you £80 per person.*

To qualify for the discounted rate simply enter the discount code SME10 on purchase.

What to do next: 

1. Purchase the bundle
2. Enter the discount code SME10
3. Access your training!

*This offer is only available when purchasing a 10 programme bundle for 1 to 9 people. 

What are my buying options?

Buying for yourself?


All ten online programmes can be purchased for a combined price of £228.50, with a 35% discount this will save you £80 per person. 

EduCare’s online learning management system is incredibly easy to use with training programmes that can be accessed at any time and from any computer with internet access. When you purchase the online version of any programme, you will receive:

  • A welcome email containing your login details which gives you immediate access to your online programme
  • Simple and concise learning modules containing the essential information on the subject
  • Accompanying multiple-choice questionnaires designed to test your knowledge and understanding
  • A downloadable personalised and dated certificate on successful completion of the questionnaires
  • A downloadable full set of answer explanations when you achieve the programme pass mark enable you to see the correct answer for any questions you may have answered incorrectly
  • Easy access to reports on your progress
  • Clear and simple programme instructions and a User Guide, with additional help available via telephone from our Client Services team

Your training the way you want it

Need a tailored version of this programme? EduCare offers bespoke learning solutions to suit your organisation. With EduCare you can:

  • Use your own welcome message and logo
  • Personalise system emails
  • Upload your own policies, documents and learning resources
  • Include additional learning content that covers your specific policies and procedures
  • Create an entire programme tailored to your exact requirements

Enquire about tailored learning.


Course Content

1. Equality & Diversity

This programme covers:

  • what equality and diversity are and why they matter
  • barriers to equality 
  • the main types of discrimination
  • the extra rules for those who hold sensitive information
  • responsibilities of the employer and employee.

2. Data Protection

This programme covers:

  • the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 including the purpose of the Act and its requirements
  • the rules for organisations that hold sensitive information
  • what needs to be considered when processing personal information
  • what is required to protect personal information online
  • handling information requests and charging for them
  • the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and how it affects data protection.

3. First Aid Essentials

This programme covers:

  • the different categories of incidents that may require first aid treatment
  • how to take charge of an incident and determine whether an injured or ill person is responsive or not
  • the three important principles of first aid - if it's hot, cool it, if it's bleeding, stop it and if it's broken, don't move it
  • the more common day-to-day incidents that may require first aid for example nose bleeds, insect bites and fainting.

4. Health & Safety

This programme covers:

  • how to manage and control hazards
  • what is a risk assessment and how they are carried out, including the five step approach
  • common safety hazards in the workplace and how to control them
  • what employers must do to comply with COSHH, general precautions, equipment and hazardous substances
  • working at height, manual handling, computer workstations and Noise
  • how health and safety issues should be organised and controlled 
  • public sector information published by the Health and Safety Executive and licensed under the Open Government Licence.
  • how to prevent accidents and emergencies from happening
  • putting safety precautions, controls and procedures in place.

5. An Introduction to Leadership

This programme covers:

  • the definition of leadership and the different styles of leadership
  • the key predictors of employee satisfaction
  • common behaviour patterns exhibited by leaders 
  • tips for effective leadership.

6. Fire Safety

This programme covers:

  • the basic understanding of the nature of fire to improve your understanding and ability to prevent and response to fire-related incidents
  • what is required to start and maintain a fire, how fires can spread and the different types of fire
  • the common fire risks and what you can do to reduce them
  • fire safety signage and what these signs mean and where you can expect to see them
  • the different types of fire extinguisher, and when and how to use them
  • what you should do in the event of a larger, more serious fire.

7. Safeguarding Adults

This programme covers:

  • what adult abuse is and the forms it can take
  • the factors that can put adults at a greater risk of abuse
  • the types of people that may abuse and the situations in which it could occur
  • how to recognise adult abuse and how you should respond if someone confides in you
  • what course of action you should take when a person has confided in you
  • what happens after you have reported your concerns
  • the legislation and guidance to help organisations ensure they do not recruit someone who may pose a risk to adults.

8. An Introduction to Effective Teamwork

This programme covers:

  • what is meant by team and the different ways they develop
  • the different roles an individual can play within a team
  • how a team's development and outcomes should be reviewed for maximum effectiveness.

9. Personal Safety

This programme covers:

  • the different types of threat to your personal safety
  • the risk of becoming a victim of crime
  • two key risk assessment strategies: the Risk Escalator and Think-Plan-Act, with examples of how each strategy can be used
  • the fight or flight syndrome and what you could do to defuse a potentially threatening confrontation
  • how to minimise risk in your day-to-day life
  • how to make your home and place of work more secure
  • how to identify the risks attached to working in other people's homes and the strategies you can use to deal with them.

10. Working with Display Screen Equipment

This programme covers:

  • what display screen equipment is
  • what you should do to ensure your health and safety when using display screen equipment
  • your employer's duties under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulation 1992

Test & Certificate

The EduCare for Business Package concludes with multiple choice questionnaires and each programme can be evidenced with a printable certificate.

Key features and benefits

Duration 29 hours

  • A cost-effective means of covering the topics of First Aid Essentials, An Introduction to Effective Teamwork, Personal Safety, Health & Safety,
    An Introduction to Leadership, Safeguarding Adults, Data Protection, Equality & Diversity, Fire Safety and Working with Display Screen Equipment
  • You can save £80 per person when you purchase this bundle
  • Available online only
  • These programmes are level 2 (as graded against the nationally accepted levels for training programmes)
  • Delivers at a total of 29 CPD hours
  • All ten programmes are fully certificated

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