What is EduCare for Sport?


EduCare for Sport is an online annual licence designed to train your staff, volunteers, members or coaches across a range of safeguarding and duty of care topics. We have two different licence options: one tailored for leisure organisations; and the other for sports clubs or wider governing bodies.

Licence option #1 is designed for leisure organisations.



Cascading best practice to all staff with varying work patterns and locations can often be a big challenge. Our training is online, so learners can train anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

The annual licence is already providing dozens of leisure trusts, individual leisure centres and local authorities with the training required to maintain the operation, safety and compliance of their services.


















Licence option #2 is designed for sports clubs & governing bodies.



Our second EduCare for Sport licence is tailored towards meeting the needs of sports clubs and their wider governing bodies. The wide range of programmes will support the safety and governance of the club, and can be used by staff, coaches, members, volunteers and parents.

It’s perfect for coaches and others required to undertake CPD, and is already training hundreds across UK Athletics, Archery GB, British Cycling, and more.





We’ve got your solution.


Creating innovative e-learning solutions is what we do best.


If our existing programmes don’t meet your requirements, we are happy to provide a complete, 360° service – from writing your programme’s content to launching it on our online learning platform.


Alternatively, we’ll build you a programme to host on your own system.


A few words from those already using EduCare for Sport.


“England Squash and Racketball’s relationship with EduCare began several years ago, and since then thousands of members have benefited from the Child Protection in Sport & Active Leisure programme. It’s proven a fantastic addition to the high standards of welfare embedded across the organisation, and contributed to a strong focus among all members for continual best practice.” Louise Pickford – Coaching and Performance Programme Manager, England Squash and Racketball


“There can be absolutely no argument against protecting children. ESR are committed to doing everything possible to ensure there is no room in our sport for those who seek to abuse young people. EduCare for Sport provides an excellent introduction to safeguarding children and young people and assists all coaches in recognising the early warning signs of possible abuse. It’s suitable for all working in a sport or club environment.

EduCare for Sport provides an excellent introduction to safeguarding children and young people and assists all coaches in recognising the early warning signs of possible abuse. It’s suitable for all working in a sport or club environment.” - Louise Pickford – Coaching and Performance Programme Manager, England Squash and Racketball


“Archery GB has long been an active and enthusiastic advocate of club development. For many years, the association has promoted the online safeguarding programme, Child Protection in Sport & Active Leisure, alongside more traditional workshop courses. Coaches, volunteers, and parents have all taken part. Registration figures have risen month on month, year on year. And following calls from all sides to further the availability of similar programmes, adding resources into an expanding portfolio was a logical and popular progression.

EduCare for Sport emerged to address the shortcoming in club education – to satiate a hunger across the sector for high quality, accessible training. The service provides clubs with a range of accredited and certificated CPD programmes to support and develop members’ education, and helps ensure compliance at the grass roots to the standards set by governing bodies. But more than that, it brings clubs and their people together.

Norton Archers is a very forward-looking club. Having achieved ontarget, ‘Community’ status, we are now keen to work towards Clubmark accreditation and see EduCare for Sport as fundamental to our attaining it.” - Nicola McCullogh – Secretary and Level 1 Coach, Norton Archers


EduCare for Sport has been the foundation of Chillington Divers’ club development programme since 2010, encouraged by their governing body to provide essential learning for all. Volunteers are the lifeblood of community clubs like them, and here they get the very best resources to support and underpin their development. People like Derek Lum, Volunteer Diving Officer at his local diving club in Wolverhampton.

“Chillington Divers first undertook a set of safeguarding programmes for two members, our Diving and Welfare Officers. We were so impressed we purchased ten more so that all of our members who have significant contact with young people could complete the course. When we were approached to be a pilot for a further nine online programmes open to all members of the club we jumped at the chance. Managing the system was incredibly easy, it was just a small input from me and our members were up and running.

There was one problem. So successful were the programmes that parents wanted to do them as well. As parental support evolves, EduCare for Sport provides a range of duty of care programmes to ensure they’re properly supported in all the key areas; child protection, health and safety, basic food hygiene and more.” - Derek Lum – Volunteer Diving Officer, Chillington Divers


“All British Cycling Go-Ride clubs should be adhering to minimum standards in safeguarding and protecting children as well as meeting their duty of care to all members. EduCare for Sport provides excellent guidance for all volunteers on the considerations in this area and ensures they can assist the welfare officer in maintaining a safe and supportive environment for members. The online modules are easy to access, easy to use and can be completed at the volunteer’s own pace.” - Andrew Chaston – Development Manager – Clubs & Volunteers, British Cycling


“The Child Protection in Sport & Active Leisure programme is part of our Welcome and Induction for new staff. Everyone completes the programme with their first week. They like that they can do the training at their own pace and that they can print off their certificate of completion. We find EduCare for Sport good value for money and the system very easy to administer and monitor.” - Anne Lovering – Head of Learning and Development, Edinburgh Leisure


“For someone who manages staff, the online safeguarding programmes are perfect. They are simple to use, quick and cost effective. Putting members of staff through the training is done with ease and minimal hassle.” - Matthew Forsyth – Project & Development Manager, Sport4Life UK

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