What is EduCare for Education?

EduCare for Education is an annual training licence comprising a range of safeguarding and duty of care programmes. It’s designed as a cost-effective solution to providing every member of staff in your school, college or nursery with training in all the key areas Ofsted inspectors and the law require. The licence start at only £300 per year with unlimited access for all, with each programme counting towards CPD.

What is EduCare for Education? This simple video should help to explain the service.

Why choose EduCare for Education?


  • Written and endorsed by leading subject experts including 4Children, Kidscape, Family Lives, Bullying UK, ACE Education, the West Midlands Ambulance Service Trust, the Association of Chief Police Officers, The Institute of Fire Safety Managers, RoSPA, UK Youth, YMCA Training, and Youth Federation
  • Independently verified for continuing professional development by the CPD Certification Service at between 1 and 6 hours of CPD per programme. All 16 programmes will provide a learner with 61 hours of CPD
  • A listed provider on the GoodCPDGuide
  • Evidence learning to Ofsted with downloadble, printable certificates – a bespoke version of our Child Protection in Education programme is even used by Ofsted inspectors themselves
  • Supports Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013 and Department for Education safeguarding guidance
  • Covers every adult working in your school, including teachers and support staff, administrators, lunchtime supervisors, caretakers, and volunteers
  • Add an unlimited number of users at any time during the licence period to minimise the impact of staff turnover or new starters, and help you to manage your budget effectively
  • The Early Years Foundation Stage places a mandatory requirement on nurseries and preschools to ensure everyone has appropriate qualifications, training, skills and knowledge – further develop your setting’s professional workforce by making your duty of care training simple and easy
  • Personalised certificates for every successfully completed programme provide evidence of completion and achievement
  • Available anytime, anywhere – fit your training around busy schedules with no need to leave your classroom or setting and the option to complete from the comfort of your own home
  • Detailed management reports help you to track any user’s progress through the programmes
  • No software to download on your computer or mobile device
  • EduCare are the leading training provider to the early-years sector. To give you some figures, we’re already training over 16,000 schools, colleges, pre-schools, and universities across the UK and Europe – we even have customers in Asia and Africa!

How do I buy a licence?


EduCare for Education offers great value for money by providing unlimited access to all 16 programmes in one simple, annual online licence.


Pricing is based on the number of pupils on the roll, and starts at just £300 per year – that’s less than £6 per week! Get in touch today for a quote.


They all have a story to tell. From pre-school to primary, secondary and college, you have a duty to protect it.

Watch George and Victoria’s story via Facebook’s timeline.



Bespoke training solution?


It isn’t just about what you learn, it’s also about how you learn. Ensure your users identify with their training through our fully customisable learning management system.


EduCare has years of experience creating and delivering high-quality training programmes. We can help your organisation design and deliver anything from customised versions of our programmes to entirely new content.


Training designed for robust learning.


  • Concise learning modules containing the essential information on the subject
  • Accompanying multiple-choice questionnaires designed to test your knowledge and understanding
  • Downloadable personalised and dated certificate on successful completion
  • Downloadable answer explanations, enabling you to see the correct answer for any questions you may have answered incorrectly


Powerful yet easy-to-use learning management system.


Our learning management system is easy to use and training programmes can be accessed at any time from any computer with internet access. We provide clear and simple programme instructions and a step-by-step User Guide, with additional help available via telephone from our Client Services team.


You will be able to:


  • Set up all your users at once using an excel spreadsheet, and easily add new users throughout the year in just a few clicks
  • Re-send login details and reminders, re-set failed modules and download personalised and dated certificates
  • Monitor users’ progress with clear, simple management reports, giving you complete control of how they use the service
  • Personalise your organisation’s home page by uploading a logo and text which all your staff will see when logging on to the service
  • Upload your own setting’s policies and procedures, which are accessible to your staff across the site.

A few words from schools, colleges and nurseries already using EduCare for Education.

We’re already training over 16,000 schools, colleges and pre-schools in safeguarding and duty of care. Read what they had to say about EduCare below:

The New School at West Heath is an independent specialist school catering for secondary age students whose mainstream schooling has broken down. The majority of our students have suffered significant trauma in their lives and some have social, emotional and behavioural problems.

We decided that as child protection training was of such major importance to all staff here, and that this need was comprehensively met by EduCare’s child protection programmes, that we would feature them as part of our staff induction process. The obvious advantage was the flexibility in their application. People worked through it at their own pace, in their own time, at home or at work, and both individually and within a learning group.

We wanted to evaluate our investment in EduCare’s programmes so we designed a questionnaire that was put to all staff to elicit their views about how confident they felt handling child protection issues. An excellent return of these questionnaires gave us some great feedback, including:

Bill Whillock – Vice Principal – Care, The New School at West Heath

The degree of confidence staff expressed in knowing how to respond was very impressive. These results were borne out by qualitative information gleaned from the school’s three Child Protection Officers and satisfied our School Leadership Team that EduCare represented not only excellent value for money, but more importantly that our school is pro-active in making sure other people’s children are well looked after when they are residing with us and in our care.

Bill Whillock – Vice Principal – Care, The New School at West Heath

The programmes are flexible, the topics covered are valuable and the management reporting is really useful. Ofsted are pleased with it and the cost is reasonable too! I’d definitely recommend EduCare for Education!

Al Noor School, Birmingham

I would recommend EduCare for Education to other colleges. It’s convenient, clear and easy to use.

Nichola Routledge - Weymouth College

I have recommended EduCare for Education to other schools in my area. The programmes are very authoritative – they contain some brilliant modules which really help in the day-to-day running of the school.

Duggie Speight - Headteacher, Carleton Endowed School

EduCare for Education meets the requirements of Ofsted in showing evidence of training and knowledge. I would definitely recommend it to other schools.

Sue Stuart - Doncaster School for the Deaf

We’ve made EduCare for Education a mandatory part of staff training. It enables us to meet some of our statutory obligations with regards to safeguarding children, health and safety, food hygiene and first aid. All of our staff feel the child protection and safeguarding programmes are an effective way of reinforcing their obligations to the children in their care and we’ve even made the programmes a mandatory element of staff inductions.

Philip Moere - Principal, Abbey College, Worcestershire

We purchased EduCare for Education to allow us to have control over our staff training from an educational and financial point. It has far exceeded our expectations in that all our staff have been able to complete child protection, health and safety and food hygiene training for a financial outlay that has suited our small school perfectly. We construct our school policies as a team during staff inset and knowing that everyone has completed the training has helped establish the fact that everyone can take ownership of our essential policies for the welfare, care and protection of our pupils. During our recent inspection we were commended on our pastoral care and welfare of our pupils.

Johanna Staunton - Head Teacher, Laleham Lea School

We purchased EduCare for Education to enable us to train all our staff in one go, but at their own pace and in their own time. It’s very flexible and cost effective and the accredited courses are quality training. The online system has certainly met our expectations.

Penny Austin - Headteacher, Walthamstow Hall Junior School

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